Wedding Dance for the Groom

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You gave him your hand - now give us his feet

It doesn’t matter if you have lots of dancing experience and your fiance has never danced. We’ll develop dance choreography that works for both of you. The choreography is designed to take into account your physical characteristics, your dance experience, and even the type of dress and shoes you will be wearing to make sure your dance is the best wedding dance we can create.

We believe dance includes everyone. Whether you have a physical impairment or you are a same sex couple, we’ll make your dance the highlight of your wedding. We have successfully conducted dance lessons for wedding parties that included sight-impaired dancers and those confined to wheelchairs, and we enjoy working with anyone who would like to dance at their wedding.

Using custom choreography, we can create dances for your entire wedding party – up to 20 couples. Group dancing is lively and creates a very entertaining stage show. It’s fun for both you and your guests. Or we can create a goodbye dance for you to enjoy before you leave for your honeymoon. There are many ways to celebrate your marriage through dance whether it’s with wedding first dance lessons or group lessons, and we provide wedding dance lessons for any type of dance and music.

We specialize in wedding dance lessons in San Diego, California. If you want to perform the best wedding dance in Southern California, want dance lessons for a wedding in Orange County, or want to schedule wedding dance lessons anywhere throughout the La Jolla area, call us to schedule your lessons.


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